All Experiences Are Not Created Equal.

You can organize an event for a group of people, or you can create a captivating experience, and elicit magic.

At The Prism, our objective is to ensure we take your vision to the next level, and deliver a white glove experience that creates connection, and drives impact. Whether your goal is to bring a team together, build a community or have an interactive gathering that is lived, shared and never forgotten – you have the choice, and we’ll help you execute that vision.

About the Founder

Meet Romina, the creative mind behind The Prism – an event production agency specializing in creating immersive experiences for both brands and businesses. Romina began her career as a conference producer and director at the world’s largest corporate event company, where she built a reputation for creating some of the industry’s most innovative and impactful business conferences. From the production and execution of large-scale events and brand activations (in-person and virtual), to intimate and highly experiential gatherings, trend walks, unboxings, and corporate retreats, Romina has done it all. And with that knowledge, and a desire to create unparalleled event experiences, she discovered a sweet spot that led to the birth of The Prism.

Romina has created for companies including: Pernod Ricard, Kantar Group, NeoSystems, USI Insurance, TD Bank, Mary Kay.